Newsweek's Foreign Service Podcast: The 'I' Word—Addressing Immigration

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How should politicians talk about immigration? Jordan Saville

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The Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has long railed against immigration, threatening to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and ban Muslims from entering the country. His extreme stance has won him supporters, though some within Trump's team fear it could cost them the election.

Anxieties over immigration policy trouble governments worldwide. In Britain, the new Prime Minister Theresa May must come up with her own immigration plan following her country's decision to leave the European Union. Many of the people who voted to leave did so in the hope of reducing the numbers of EU migrants coming to the U.K.

So, how should governments address the issue of immigration? Does espousing its economic benefits convince people that immigration is beneficial, or should it be discussed differently?

Listen to this week's episode for discussion of these questions and more, as Josh Lowe and Mirren Gidda talk to Alicia Barrett, the American outreach officer at the Institute of Economic Affairs, a free market research organization, and Sunder Katwala, the director of British Future, a think tank focussed on the issue of immigration.

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