Newsweek's Foreign Service: Europe's Mini-Trumps

Jordan Saville

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Donald Trump's policy platform is unlike that of any U.S. president in recent times. His nationalist, anti-Islam and Russia-sympathetic ideas are likely to usher in massive changes in American policy, at home and abroad.

But to observers of Europe, a lot of his ideas don't look so unusual; they're not unlike those espoused by a new generation of populist hard-right leaders surging toward power across the continent. In the East, pro-Moscow populists are riding a tide of discontent, expanding Vladimir Putin's sphere of influence. In the West, the likes of France's National Front and Austria's Freedom Party have brought their anti-immigrant, anti-EU views to within touching distance of high office.

So who are Europe's mini-Trumps? How serious are their chances of success? And what does their rise mean for Europe and the wider west? Josh Lowe, Mirren Gidda and Owen Matthews take a look at the issue.

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