Newsweek's Foreign Service Podcast: Election 2016—What Women Want

What do women want from the presidential election?
Jordan Saville

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The choice before women at the 2016 U.S. presidential election is absurdly polarised. On the one hand, they have Hillary Clinton, who not only places issues like childcare at the heart of her platform, but would, if elected, become the most powerful woman ever in the modern Western world. On the other, they have Donald Trump, a hyper-macho man's man whose misogynistic language was brought front and center by the release of a tape of him bragging about sexual assault and the following string of allegations of improper conduct toward women (all of which he denies.)

That in mind, it's perhaps not surprising that polls show a growing gender gap, with women more and more likely to vote for Clinton. But this isn't just about personalities. In recent years, American women have increasingly leaned Democrat.

We wanted to find out what it is that women are looking for from politicians. Why do the Republicans have a woman problem? Why don't all women support Clinton? And, whoever gets into the Oval Office this November, what do they need to do for the women of America? Hear discussion of all this and more as Mirren Gidda and Josh Lowe speak to Nina Burleigh and Michele Gorman, political writers from Newsweek's U.S. office.

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