Armed Black Militia Returning to Louisville for Kentucky Derby

A Black militia group who have attracted attention for their armed rallies have announced they will be returning to Kentucky to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

John Fitzgerald Johnson, also known as The Real Grandmaster Jay, leader of the Not F***ing Around Coalition (NFAC), posted videos online to announce the group are planning to be in Louisville next month.

In one clip, Johnson said that he has a "strategic date in mind" for when NFAC will be returning before confirming it will be September 5—the day of the Kentucky Derby.

Johnson explained that they have chosen September 5 as Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear said he hopes that a decision will be made in Taylor's case by then, before the start of the world's most famous horse race.

Taylor was shot several times by the Louisville Metro Police Department on March 13 when officers executed a no-knock search warrant at her home during a drugs investigation. There have been increasing calls for the officers involved in the shooting to face criminal charges.

"It will be a day that will be one of two things," Johnson said in another video. "It'll be a day of celebration because everything will have worked out, or it will be a very interesting day because people will be uncomfortable in a way that they've never been uncomfortable before."

Johnson added potential disruption to the Kentucky Derby would have major financial implications for the state.

"Far be it, that something happened that they couldn't have it, because then it's hurting them in their pockets," he said. "And you hurt them in their pockets, then I'm pretty sure if they didn't have nobody locked up, by the time those phones finish ringing, everybody's ass gonna be locked up."

He added that he agrees with Beshear that a decision needs to be made before the start of the prestigious horse race as "we think just alike."

The NFAC previously took part in a formation in Louisville on July 25 to demand justice for Taylor.

During the march, three people were injured after guns were discharged. Johnson said the shooting was accidental after one of their members passed out from the heat and dropped his gun.

Louisville Police later investigated the shooting as negligent but no arrests have been made, reports the Louisville Courier Journal.

The group first gained national attention after marching through Georgia's Stone Mountain Park on July 4 to demand that the largest Confederate memorial in the world be removed.

Louisville Police have been contacted about the latest event from NFAC.

Breonna Taylor
A billboard featuring a picture of Breonna Taylor and calling for the arrest of police officers involved in her death is seen on August 11, 2020 in Louisville, Kentucky. Jon Cherry/Getty