NFL Players Association Warns Players Against Signing With Jacksonville Jaguars

The NFL Players Association (NFLPA) warned players on Monday against signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars following the outcome of a grievance filed against the Florida team.

"You as players may want to consider this when you have the chance to select your next club," the NFLPA wrote in a statement.

NFLPA won an arbitration grievance against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Said Jags tried requiring players to get all offseason medical treatment at team facility, which contravenes the CBA. “You as players may want to consider this when you have a chance to select your next club.”

— Dan Graziano (@DanGrazianoESPN) December 16, 2019

The grievance filed by the NFLPA against the Jaguars deals with the team's instituting mandatory rehab and medical sessions for injured players during the offseason.

According to the NFLPA statement, an arbitrator decided this team requirement violated the NFL collective bargaining agreement. "In a recent decision from a grievance filed by our union, an arbitrator affirmed that, under the CBA, clubs cannot require rehabilitation or medical appointments at team facilities during the offseason and pre-training camp period," the statement said.

One of the grievance's major points that the Jaguars fined a player multiple times for failing to attend the mandatory medical sessions at team facilities. The NFLPA successfully argued that the sessions could not be counted as mandatory under the current CBA.

"During the 2018 offseason program, the Jaguars fined a player 25 times for missing "mandatory" appointments with a club trainer or physician," the statement reads. "The jointly appointed arbitrator rejected the Jaguars' arguments that they had a right to fine a player for not rehabbing at the club facility."

The statement added that offseason activities are "strictly voluntary."

The statement also notes that the NFLPA noticed a major rift between Jaguars players and the team's upper management. It said that "in the last two years, more than 25% of grievances filed by players in the entire league have been filed against the Jaguars."

The phrase "the last two years" may show whom the association feels is the root of the problems in the Jaguars. In that period, former New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin took over as the team's executive vice president of football operations.

During a press conference this past April, Coughlin spoke about the importance of voluntary offseason activities, saying, "We're very close to 100% attendance, and quite frankly, all of our players should be here."

Following his comments, NFLPA President Eric Winston addressed the rules surrounding these workouts in a statement to NBC's Pro Football Talk website. "Our CBA definition of voluntary is the same as the actual definition of voluntary and prohibits anyone from threatening players to participate in voluntary workouts," Winston said.

"We know from experience that not all coaches and executives will adhere to them, and we will always pursue any violations to protect our rules," Winston added.

With a 5-9 record, the Jaguars are struggling on the gridiron. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, there have been reports in the NFL that "significant changes are expected for Jacksonville after the regular season."

Despite their on-field struggles, the Jaguars can look to win their final two games, against the Atlanta Falcons and Indianapolis Colts.

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The NFL Players Association is warning players against signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Don Juan Moore/Getty