'Nier Automata' 2B Will Join 'SoulCalibur IV' Cast

2B, the blindfolded android from Nier Automata, will be coming to SoulCalibur IV. Announced at Paris Games Week, the crossover brings the character into the world of the soul edge. New cosmetics, background music and stages based on the hack and slash apocalyptic future will be available in her DLC. Bandai Namco has not announced an official release date for the crossover, but seeing 2B in the ring will be worth the wait. Fans loved to see guest character Geralt from the Witcher show up out of nowhere, battling villains like Cervantes and Voldo.

For some unknown reason, 2B seems to really dislike Ivy. Roughly a quarter of the trailer's run time shows the two slapping whips and swords. Trying to integrate a futuristic android into the 1500s sounds difficult, so the writers may have had to get Ivy and the soul edge involved. Nier is known for having a convoluted (but lovable) story, so it only makes sense that things get complicated when 2B and her black box join the fight.

Nier: Automata is one of my favorite games, combining the sword-slashing combat of Kingdom Hearts with a heartfelt story that can be enjoyed over and over. 2B joining the cast of my favorite fighting game feels almost too good to be true. Since SoulCalibur VI released last week, my apartment has turned into a fighting game dojo. Learning combos with Siegfried, how to block properly with Nightmare and how to hump my way to victory with Voldo: that's just an average day for me now.

2B will become my main, no matter the cost.