Nigeria: Shelled By The Sharia

It only takes one to tango. At least, according to one of Nigeria's strictest Sharia courts. In October 2000, 35-year-old Safiya Hussaini was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery after she gave birth to a daughter out of wedlock. The man she alleges raped her (but did not necessarily father the child) denied everything and was acquitted of all charges.

Is this justice? Europe's politicians don't think so. Last week 77 members of the European Parliament petitioned to stop such barbaric death sentences, and Hussaini also launched her own appeal. Her execution has now been postponed until March to allow prosecutors time to respond to lawyers' assertions that she was not properly defended, she was never legally married and her daughter was conceived before Islamic law was imposed in the region. The girl could even be the child of Hussaini's ex-husband. Under Sharia, adultery is "proved" if a woman conceives out of wedlock--unless by a former husband.

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