'Into the Night' Ending Explained: What Happened at the End of the Netflix Series?

Into the Night is Belgium's first Netflix original. Episode 6 of the dystopian drama sets up a very different Season 2 without Terenzio (Stefano Cassetti) creating terror in the cast's lives.

By the end of the series, those characters are no longer able to outrun the event that has wiped out much of humanity and have started thinking about how they will survive it in the long run. However, the book that the series is based on gives hints about what viewers might expect if the show continues.

What happened at the end of Into the Night?

Prior to Into the Night Episode 6, much of the Netflix series is set on a plane that was hijacked in Brussels. After a solar event started killing every living being exposed to the Sun, Terenzio took command of the aircraft and got the pilot to head west in order to stay in the dark for as long as possible.

Eventually, they learn of a survivors community in Bulgaria after they intercept a radio signal and some CCTV footage that shows the mysterious "Star" project, where it is hinted a survival plan to the mass radiation event is being hatched.

into the night ending
'Into the Night' ends with Terenzio getting his comeuppance Netflix

At the end of the show, the team risk heading west to land in Bulgaria, which they manage to do only 30 minutes before sunrise. Splitting in two, the passengers of the plane head towards the survivors community.

One group arrives there first, and realize that someone has to keep the gate open from the outside. This is when Terenzio gets comeuppance for hjacking the plane and threatening the plane's passengers with a gun. He is handcuffed to the gate in order to keep it open, with Sylvie (Pauline Etienne) throwing the keys away from him for the second group of passengers to unlock him once they are inside.

However, he gets left behind when the Sun rises, meaning he is exposed to the same radiation that has killed most of the world, and presumably meaning he will not be appearing in Season 2 if Netflix decides to renew the show.

Once the hijacker has been left to die, the show starts to set up a potential second season. Once both groups are inside the Bulgarian compound, the leader of the camp tells Sylvie that they may have a plan that will allow them to survive in the outside world.

The Netflix show does not reveal what that plan is, but if the series follows the plot of the book it is based on, we could be heading to a mech-assisted Season 2.

In The Old Axolotl by Jacek Dukaj, the survivors of the solar event begin to inhabit the earth as robots, who have the survivors' consciousnesses digitally inserted into them. However, Netflix has not yet confirmed Into the Night Season 2, so it remains to be seen whether viewers will ever get to see the robotic future as envisioned by the show.

Into the Night is streaming now on Netflix.