Why Didn't Nikki Cross Join SmackDown Live?

The faction of Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dane - better known as Sanity - was one of them many surprise call ups on night two of the WWE Superstar Shakeup. However, WWE fans were left puzzled by the absence of Nikki Cross from all promotional material of the new SmackDown Live wrestlers. Cross has been an integral member of Sanity since her addition in 2016, so it's odd to not see her join her brethren on the main roster.

On his Wrestling Observer radio show, Dave Meltzer offered up one plausible explanation for Cross not getting called up. Here's the transcript of what was said via Ringsidenews.

"I think maybe they're going to do something with Nikki Cross and Shayna Baszler because Shayna is, with the exception of Kairi Sane, Shayna Baszler is really weak on opponents in NXT, but I think she would have been good for that act on the main roster. SAnitY can be a babyface team, they could be a heel team, either one, mixed with all the other teams they've got. You know, it's new matches."

As Meltzer said, the Superstar Shakeup left the NXT women's division without a lot of stars to challenge current champion Shayna Baszler. Cross is extremely popular and has fought for the NXT Women's Championship in the past, so keeping her around will benefit the division until some of the less seasoned competitors make their way up.

Cross took to Twitter this week to promote upcoming NXT shows, including the next Takeover in Chicago on June 16. Of course, all the cards are subject to change and Cross can get called up by then, but it seems she will be one of the pillars of the division after the departures of Peyton Royce, Billie Kay and Ember Moon.

What do you think of Nikki Cross possibly staying back in NXT for awhile? Do you think she will be called up after NXT Takeover Chicago? Let us know in the comments section below.