Nikki Haley Roasted for Defending Trump After Baltimore Comments: 'Babe, He's a Racist'

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was roasted by Joy Reid, Soledad O'Brien and others on Twitter earlier today for defending President Donald Trump's attacks on Democratic congressman Elijah Cummings and his hometown Baltimore district.

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Trump lashed out at Cummings after the lawmaker, who's chair of the House Oversight Committee and one of the president's loudest critics in Congress, called the treatment of migrant children near the southern U.S-Mexico border "government-sponsored child abuse."

"His Baltimore district is FAR WORSE and more dangerous. His district is considered the Worst in the USA," the president tweeted. "Cumming [sic] District is a disgusting, rat and rodent infested mess. If he spent more time in Baltimore, maybe he could help clean up this very dangerous & filthy place."

As Trump continued his disparaging of Cummings and Baltimore on Tuesday, Haley took to Twitter to defend the president's remarks, writing: "Instead of all of this back and forth about who everyone thinks is racist and whose not, the President just offered to help the people of Baltimore. They should take him up on it. Let's put the same energy into where it will make a difference."

Several notable figures, including MSNBC host Joy Reid and talk show host Soledad O'Brien, rebuked and ridiculed Haley's defense of Trump. "It's not a 'back and forth,' Ms Haley," Reid tweeted in response, "the president attacked black congress members, black majority cities and a civil rights activist and is luxuriating in open racism to whip his base into a frenzy and people are responding in horror. That is not a 'back and forth.'"

O'Brien added: "Babe, he's a racist. And you should be ashamed of yourself for long-supporting the racist BS that he espouses."

Thousands of social media users also weighed in on Haley's tweet.

"Back & forth? I only see 1 person attacking PoC, & that's your #RacistPresident," Twitter user @shossy2 wrote.

"There is no back and forth, Nikki. Trump is racist. Maybe not in the conventional way of using the 'N-word,' but his rhetoric is racist nonetheless," Twitter user @DanielleAmes10 wrote. "Instead of blaming us for finding it racist, why don't you focus more on why we feel that way and how to repair that perception."

"I used to say 'If Nikki Haley runs for president, I would vote for her.' Not anymore, anybody that defends Trump is a racist like him," Twitter user @happymartie1 wrote.

"Maybe start by having his son in law address his dozens of Baltimore slum lord violations first," Twitter user @artist4ever wrote.

"This isn't speculation. Trump has always been racist. It's a historical fact, easily proven. Question is: why do you continue to support/enable him? He's the most criminally corrupt, illegitimate 'president' in U.S. history. And you, Nikki, are 100% COMPLICIT. #Disgrace," Twitter user @ewtvc15 wrote.

"Complicit," Molly Jong-Fast tweeted simply.

Nikki Haley
US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley attends the confirmation hearing for US Secretary of State nominee Mike Pompeo on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on April 12, 2018. Twitter users on Tuesday mocked and rebuked Haley for defending Trump's Baltimore remarks. Jim Watson/Getty