Nine Out-of-the-Box Marketing Promotions To Drive Positive Business Results

Marketing campaigns that capture and hold the attention of prospective clients increase the visibility of the organizations's brand.

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One of the primary goals of marketing is to capture and hold the attention of the public. Campaigns that do this successfully not only raise the visibility of a company's brand, but also place the organization in a position of authority. Success, however, does come with a new set of challenges, namely the fact that people are always looking for something new and fresh.

Rather than agonizing over this issue, marketers should focus on one thing: their audiences. Thinking about what promotions will work best with their target audience when developing unique marketing campaigns is often the best way to approach this problem. To help, nine members of Newsweek Expert Forum discuss out-of-the-box promotions that have had a positive effect on their businesses.

1. Thought Leadership Content

I was recently recognized as one of the top nine most exciting entrepreneurs of 2021 by USA Today. The recognition has elevated our company's brand cache significantly. I recommend leaders post thought-provoking articles on relevant social media platforms to increase awareness of your company's brand and authority in the markets you serve. These activities can raise your visibility to new heights. - Matt Domo, FifthVantage

2. Current Cultural Tie-Ins

We offered a promotion for 21 percent off a client's first month's retainer at the beginning of 2021 when people were hopeful the new year would spell a new beginning. This resonated with prospects who were cautiously optimistic about 2021, yet looking forward to normalizing their operations and marketing efforts in the new year. Try looking for creative ways like this to tie into the current cultural climate. - April Margulies, Trust Relations

3. Live Demos and Meetings

When we were seeking funding for our business, my co-founder and I flew around the world with Raspberry Pis to prove that our technology works in our meetings. It was vital to demonstrate proof of concept. My advice is to verify that your product works. Do live demos, meetups, whatever you can do. Having leaders involved creates a level of social proof that can incentivize your customers. - Ivan Ravlich, Hypernet Labs

4. Personal Phone Calls

Sometimes the simplest of promotions work the best. Picking up the phone and calling people is wonderful. You can learn so much more about their challenges and if there is a chance to collaborate. - Karen Valencic, Spiral Impact

5. Personalized Prospective Client Attention

Promotions don't necessarily apply to all businesses. Ours is one. That being said, there are situations where giving clients the opportunity to have one of our executives come on-site and get to know their operations and goals prior to hiring is essential. This gives them the ability to experience our value and benefits, and we have found leads to strong, long-term working relationships. - Jacob Kupietzky, HCT Executive Interim Management & Consulting

6. NASCAR Driver Partnerships

Not only did we have our business name and logo added to a professional NASCAR truck, but the driver actually jumped out of a helicopter above the track to make his entrance in Las Vegas. A bit daring perhaps, but it certainly helped get our name out there. There are no rules to out-of-the-box methods; you do what it takes to get noticed. Write down several ideas and see what will work. - Christopher Davenport, AutoParts4Less

7. Positive Press Campaigns

Any award or positive press we receive, we create an entire campaign around. This may not seem like anything special, but I definitely don't see enough people doing it. People get excited for you and that always turns into more business! It also helps to strengthen our credibility and trust within our network of current colleagues and clients. - Chris Davis, Revcarto

8. Inviting Clients to See Your Operations

I initiated a "bring-a-client-to-work" day for them to see how we operate. Clients got amazing perspective on how we strive to serve and how we go above and beyond. They also got insight into our corporate culture, leaving them with more respect and regard for how we operate our business in order to serve theirs. This improved client relationships significantly and now we do it regularly for others. - Vipp Jaswal, Interpersonal Intelligence Advisory

9. Highlighting Your Organization

Promote the organization to move the customer relationship from the transactional while also resonating and building loyalty—and why not do so with employees as well? At UBS, we needed a new strapline for advertisements. We came up with "UBS You and Us" for clients, employees, investors and even suppliers. It was simple, personal and powerful, resonating in the market globally and delivering success for 10 years. Don't just promote products! - Chris Roebuck, Simply Success

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