Streamer Ninja Faces Community Backlash For Reporting "Stream Sniping" Player

Streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins is having a rough work. On Friday, the Fortnite superstar switched to Fallout 76 for one night, playing alongside rapper Logic and animated characters Rick and Morty. The stream was plagued with technical difficulties, the on-air talent had little chemistry and Logic didn't know how to play the game. The next day Blevins was caught up in another controversy for attempting to get a Fortnite player banned for stream sniping.

A stream sniper is a viewer who tries to antagonize a streamer in-game. Snipers can locate the streamers by watching their streams and then use that unfair advantage to troll or kill them.

IcyFive, a Fortnite player who was in the same game, managed to kill Blevins. Blevin's teammate drLupo remarked that IcyFive was going to emote right before he briefly used the "Slittherin'" dance emote. For Blevins, that was enough proof that IcyFive had been watching his streams and intentionally went after him.

IcyFive responded to the allegations quickly, tweeting that he was innocent and that he'd hate to get banned after spending hundreds of dollars on Fortnite.

@Ninja @DrLupo I will show you that I did not stream snipe. I don't wanna try and gain "clout" from this. But I will upload it if you really think I stream snipped. I emoted cause there were 6 people watching me and I lasered you. I didn't stream snipe you.

— IcyFive (@IcyFiveYT) November 11, 2018

DrLupo responded on Twitter on Sunday saying that he didn't believe IcyFive stream sniped. One viewer asked "why agree with ninja on stream?" DrLupo went back and forth with his fans over of the course of two dozen tweets, eventually implying that Blevins was on a "rant" and the best way to not create drama was to let him "blow off some steam."

You ever have a friend that goes on a rant? You probably know it'll just make it worse if you try to go against it. Easiest course of action for not creating drama all over the place (worse than it is now) was to just let him blow off steam and move on.

— DrLupo (@DrLupo) November 11, 2018

With the Fortnite sub standing by by IcyFive and believing that Blevins needed to apologize for threatening to ban him, Blevins joined the thread. "Stop playing the victim, you aren't getting banned, I am sorry. Stop milking it." That was Blevins apology. "I apologized to the player and said I was wrong," Blevins tweeted at a fan. "Had some drinks feeling spicy."

Talk about timing when he emot3d when Ben asked. Odds were in my favor but I guess I was wrong! Good thing epic just investigates when I question a player and not ban them immediately

— Ninja (@Ninja) November 11, 2018

On stream Sunday afternoon, Blevins said that he still isn't sure IcyFive isn't a stream sniper. since he still hasn't posted "proof that he wasn't stream sniping the entire time." Some of Ninja's fans see that the streamer apologized and everyone can move on. While other Fortnite reddit users feel that Blevins is using his position as a top streamer to have Epic Games ban a user for emoting to six people.

Blevins considers himself a top-tier talent, with UberEats sponsorships and appearances on Ellen. Tipsy Twitter tiffs aren't what advertisers and mainstream broadcasters want to see.