Nintendo Direct Postponed Due to Hokkaido Earthquake

Nintendo has decided to postpone the upcoming Direct featuring future 3DS and Switch titles due to a recent earthquake in Japan.

A magnitude-6.7 earthquake struck the northern island of Hokkaido early Thursday morning, causing landslides, the destruction of homes and reported fatalities. Nintendo posted the news on the Direct delay on its official Twitter account:

"Due to the powerful earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan, we have decided to delay this week's planned Nintendo Direct. We will provide a new time and date in the near future. Thank you for your understanding."

The 35-minute 3DS and Switch Nintendo Direct, scheduled for 6 p.m. EDT on Thursday, was expected to highlight upcoming titles.

We will update this story when a new date and time for the Nintendo Direct is announced.

Nintendo Direct Postponed Due to Hokkaido Earthquake | Gaming