Nintendo E3 2018 Rumors: That GameFaqs List is Fake, Guys

With E3 2018 weeks away, rumors have begun to circulate about supposed plans, reveals and everything in between. A recent post on GameFaqs claims to have correctly predicted the official announcement of the Nintendo Switch Online Service, leading fans to take everything posted in the thread to be true.

User Lazzyman posted the thread on May 1, with the subject line "Check back this topic on May 7th, it's gonna proven right." There's a ton of information in the thread, a mix of "too good to be true" and "plausible enough to be considered legit." However, Nintendo fans shouldn't take these rumors as fact: it gets some things right and others wrong.

nintendo switch online service
The Nintendo Switch Online Service will be available in September Nintendo


The first piece of information from the GameFaqs thread relates to the Nintendo Switch Online Service. Lazzyman wrote that information would come on May 7 and, while it was May 8 in Japan when the news dropped, the date was correct if they were referring to North America.

However, as Joe Merrick of Serebii points out on Twitter, it was rather easy to predict when the Online Service news was going to drop. Nintendo normally makes announcements like this on a Tuesday, and the company's financial report released in late April revealed that details were coming in early May. Couple that with Japan celebrating Golden Week during the first week of May and it's rather easy to deduce that May 8 would be the date.

Lazzyman also correctly predicted that Nintendo would ditch the Virtual Console in favor of releasing NES games. Nintendo revealed that 20 NES games will be available at the launch of the Switch Online Service. And that leads into what the rumor gets wrong.


Lazzyman's thread states that both NES and GameBoy Advance games would be available in August, which contradicts Nintendo's official release plans for NES titles in September. Nintendo also never stated that GBA games will be available, so the thread is incorrect on that front.

The GameFaqs thread also incorrectly predicted how Nintendo's chat service will work. Lazzyman states an existing chat service like Discord would be used, while Nintendo's official press release states that voice chat will continue to be used through the Switch Online app.

Nintendo's E3 2018 presentation will go live June 12 at 12 p.m. EDT, so we'll learn more about what the company has planned then.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of this Nintendo rumor and what you hope to learn at E3 this year down in the comments section below.