Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Garage Video Explains How It Works

Nintendo revealed the Labo Toy-Con Garage mode in early February, giving users a way to experiment with various inputs to create their own projects or use the kits in new ways. Now, Nintendo aims to make gamers more informed about the Toy-Con Garage mode in a series of videos that explain how it works and the various ways it can be used. The first video in the series, which you can watch above, introduces the basic principles of the Labo technology. The new video also shows how to combine various inputs and outputs to invent new ways to play with the Labo cardboard.

Here are some highlights from the official press release.

  • Users can discover creative ways to play with their Toy-Con projects, such as steering the RC Car with the Fishing Rod or using the Motorbike as an instrument. It's even possible for users to invent their own Toy-Con creations using common materials from around their house!
  • To make all of this possible, Toy-Con Garage mode includes different input and output selections, called "nodes." Input nodes include actions such as button presses or motions, while output nodes include reactions such as sound effects or vibrations.
  • The input nodes vary slightly for the software in each Nintendo Labo kit, encouraging users to experiment with different conditional statements (i.e., if you do this, then that happens) and create new experiences.

We spent some hands-on time with the Nintendo Labo and Garage Mode at an event in New York City. Some examples of what it can do include controlling the RC Car with the piano and even creating a guitar.

Currently, the company's plan is for two Nintendo Labo kits to go on sale starting April 20. The first is the Variety Kit, which includes the Labo cardboard to build projects like the RC Car, Fishing Rod, Piano and Motorbike. The second is the Robot Kit, which allows players to build their own robot using feet and head mounts, allowing them to control their creation within a Nintendo Switch game.

What do you think of the Nintendo Labo Garage mode? What do you want to build with this mode? Let us know in the comments section below.