Nintendo Switch Version 5.0 Coming? iOS App Teases New Update

A recent update to the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app for iOS seems to confirm version 5.0 of the hybrid console is coming soon.

UPDATE: Nintendo Switch version 5.0 is live!

The last line of the update to the Parental Controls app version 1.5 says "in order to use some of these features, you will need to update the Nintendo Switch system version to 5.0.0 or later." The current version on the Nintendo Switch is 4.01, and the last time the Parental Controls app asked for a specific system version (version 3.0) was on July 20. Version 3.0 released a month earlier than the Parental Controls app update, so perhaps the iOS app had a typo and meant "version 4.0.0," but it's also possible a new Switch update is indeed on the way.

We have reached out to Nintendo on a timetable for the new version for the Switch and will update with any new information.

Nintendo confirmed a future update was coming to fix a bug where the proper play data was not appearing on the console.

The last Nintendo Switch update was version 4.0.1, released Oct. 25, which made some stability improvements using the HDMI connection. However, version 4.0.0 released on Oct. 18 and included a new feature that allowed game capture for certain games. It also added pre-purchase options on the Nintendo eShop and the ability to transfer user and save data to another system.

Version 3.0 rolled out on June 19, while the version 2.0 update came on March 3, the same day the Nintendo Switch became available. You can check out the history of Switch system updates on the official Nintendo Support site.

So what do you think will be included in the Nintendo Switch system 5.0 update? What do you hope is included? Let us know in the comments section below.

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