N.J. Police Say Pizza Hut Employee Invented Armed Robbery Story to Get a Raise

New Jersey police arrested a Pizza Hut employee Friday after they said he invented an armed robbery story in order to get a raise, NJ.com reported.

Joseph Baude was "charged with creating a false alarm and false report to police. He was released pending his court appearance," according to a Facebook post by Andrew Kudrick, chief of the Howell Township Police Department. A spokesman from Pizza Hut said Baude would be fired.

ARREST NOTIFICATION ARMED ROBBERY - PIZZA HUTPizza Hut Employee Arrested For Making False ReportAt approximately 1030 hours this morning, Howell Police Communications received a 9-1-1 call...

Kudrick stated in the post that Baude called the police at 10:30 a.m. Friday and "claimed he was confronted by a male suspect who brandished a handgun while demanding cash. He claimed he fought off the suspect who then fled empty handed."

The police chief said about 26 officers responded to the call that described the suspect as a "white male, early 30s, unshaven, 5'8", wearing dark clothing and armed with a handgun."

While Kudrick said police were "suspicious" of the report, they still investigated and took "precautionary measures," which comprised of providing security for an early childhood school and an elementary school in the area. Police also closed down roads near the Pizza Hut and told residents to avoid the area where they were searching, according to NJ.com.

After they looked at video footage and saw no one exiting the Pizza Hut who fit the description given by Baude, police began investigating him.

Baude confessed to lying about the armed robbery after he was questioned by two Howell police detectives. Kudrick stated that Baude told the detectives he "wanted to look favorable with corporate so he could get a raise" – adding – "he was remorseful and realized the extent of his actions."

In the Facebook post, which includes the hashtags #PizzaNut, #SideOfFibbingSauce, #LiarLiarPieOnFire, and #FromHeroToZero, Kudrick thanked the community for working together, and said that "although this was a false report, it tested our capabilities during an incident."

"As a chief, it's very impressive to see that many officers work together in unison in a very organized, focused and persistent manner. We are committed to community."

Hundreds of Facebook users commented on the post with their thoughts on the incident. One user wrote: "Thank you Howell PD for another job well done! As for the guy who made a false report, I hope he never feels the fear I had getting my son off the bus this afternoon wondering if some maniac with a gun was going to come running out from the woods."

A Pizza Hut spokesperson told Newsweek in an email: "Our franchisee will be reaching out to local officials to make this right, and, of course, bring some pizza."

UPDATE: March 10, 2020, 8:26 a.m.: This story was updated to reflect comment from Pizza Hut indicating the employee would be terminated.

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