'No, Ask Your Brother': Internet Slams Mom for Not Letting Grown Daughter Drive After Dark

The internet backed a young woman whose mother refused to let her drive alone at night in a viral post.

To get advice from the internet, u/throwRA_advice56, took to Reddit's infamous r/AmITheA**hole forum to post her side of the story. The post now has nearly 1,400 comments with the top remark garnering 23,400 upvotes in just 13 hours.

The Redditor started out her post by sharing that her daughter has returned home from college for the holidays. According to the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), approximately 87 percent of college students travel to and from school rather than staying on campus.

u/throwRA_advice56 explained that her daughter didn't mind that none of her local friends would be around because she wanted to spend most of her time with her family. The Redditor then said the bulk of the family was sick with the flu, but went to a wedding and their daughter didn't join.

"Daughter has been bored this entire week saying she's watched over 50 episodes of her show and she's tired and wants to do something else with us," she wrote. "I tried to spend time with her by sitting an hour or two with her but that's it because i really can't do anything else I'm just tired."

Getting to the route of the problem, the user went into detail saying her daughter asked to go the store.

"The store is 5 minutes away but I wasn't up to it so I said no, ask your brother (her brother is perfectly fine, no flu)," the mother said. "A while later she came back saying he said no and asked if she could just drive by herself since it's so close and shouldn't be a big deal since she has a license and it's only 6:30 pm."

When mom told her no, the two got into an argument. The daughter claimed she felt trapped at home and became angry that, because of the illness, no one spent time with her. The user then told her daughter to go to her room. the two haven't spoken since.

In updates and edits to the post, the Redditor explained that she was only trying to protect her daughter and didn't want anything bad to happen. She also confirmed that her daughter didn't drink or do drugs. She did, however, want her to follow the rules while staying under her roof.

In he most popular comment, u/nemc222 wrote, "YTA Your daughter is an adult, why are you treating her like a 16 year old? And sending her to her room? Also, you know you have the flu and you go to a wedding and expose everyone there? That's a huge ahole move."

u/oboz_waves scolded the original poster saying, "Yeah this post is a great example of "how to get your young adult daughter to stop coming home to see you" I thought this would be about her driving several hours alone to come home late at night, which is something I did in college that made my parents a little nervous but 5 minutes to the store?! I would've laughed in their face and gone back to uni."

Mother and Daughter Arguing
Pictured above, a mother and daughter are in the middle of an argument. vadimguzhva/iStock / Getty Images Plus