'No Man's Sky' Guide - How to Get Chromatic Metal, Refiner, Hermetic Seal & More

No Man's Sky NEXT has finally arrived, and with it a slew of new items to craft and materials to discover. In this quick guide, we'll explain Chromatic Metal, Portable Refiners, Hermetic Seals and much more. There's a lot to uncover in Hello Games' infinite universe, so let's get right to it.

How to get Chromatic Metal from the Portal Refiner in 'No Man's Sky'

No Man's Sky Chromatic Metal
Chromatic Metal is a major ingredient for base building in ‘No Man’s Sky.’ Hello Games/Gamers Heroes @ YouTube

Chromatic Metal is a new element added for NEXT, and the process of getting it is somewhat obtuse if you're continuing your journey from an existing save. Especially if you want to see what the update's new limitless base building is all about, you'll need lots of Chromatic Metal.

The first step to getting Chromatic Metal is to use your visor to look for deposits of Cadmium, Copper, Iridium or Emeril. Of those four elements, Copper is generally the most common. Once you mine that resource with a Terrain Manipulator, you can start building a Portable Refiner. Just press up on the d-pad, select Craftable Buildings > Exocraft Tech > Portable Refiner. Put fuel in the refiner (most likely Carbon) and you can use that to craft Chromatic Metal.

Getting a Hermetic Seal

The Hermetic Seal is the last thing you'll likely need to get off your starting planet, and crafting one is basically a mandatory sidequest. The first thing you need to do is craft one Metal Plate to repair the ship's Pulse Engine. This is done by gathering Ferrite Dust. You'll need a couple hundred units of Ferrite Dust to fully accomplish the task.

Once you get into your ship, you'll be told there's a Distress Beacon Cache nearby. There's an orb near your ship, but you need a Signal Booster to make use of it. The Signal Booster is made with Metal Plates, Carbon and Sodium. The latter is found in small orange plants or red containers.

No Man's Sky Hermetic Seal
The Hermetic Seal will be revealed via a beacon. Hello Games/saywell

With the Signal Booster made, you'll be pushed toward an outpost. Go there, and inside you'll find a Holo Archive. Recover supplies from the archive and you'll get a Hermetic Seal.

How to get Technology Modules

Technology Modules are a premium item in No Man's Sky that are used to craft high-end tech. However, you'll have to do lots of grinding or recycling to get one. The primary way Technology Modules are earned is via purchase at most item shops in the galaxy. Alternately, if you're playing on PS4 and PC, you can break down your "obsolete technology" for the blueprints required to make new supplies.

At the time of writing, those two methods are the only known ways to get Technology Modules quickly. Players may discover other methods in the days and weeks following the launch of NEXT, but this is what we know today.

Other Resources & Tips

Cobalt: Cobalt can be mined with a Terraforming Tool or Terrain Manipulator. Rocky locations and caves are the best place to find it.

Oxygen: Oxygen is stored in small, red plants that look a bit like the Thallium plants in previous versions of No Man's Sky. When you see one, be sure to harvest the plant by hand. If you're looking for an Oxygen Filter, you can buy them at kiosks.

No Man's Sky Thalium
Oxygen is found in red plants that look similar to this. Hello Games

Nanite Clusters: Nanite Clusters are used to purchase blueprints, and you can get them by completing NPC missions, searching structures or feeding animals. It's also possible to get them by destroying Sentinels, but they may attack if you start getting too aggressive. There are lots of ways to get Nanite Clusters by progressing through the game.

Ancient Keys and Ruins: Once you've got a Terrain Manipulator, your scanner can be used to find ancient ruins lurking beneath the surface. Around these ruins you'll find Ancient Keys that can be traded for 1,000 units each. If you're able to find three Ancient Keys, those can be used to open Artifact Crates. They're difficult to locate, but they hide some of the best loot No Man''s Sky has to offer.

Hopefully these tips are just enough to get you started in the wonderful world of No Man's Sky. We apologize we can't be more specific at times, but that's one drawback of navigating through 18 quintillion planet-sized planets.

No Man's Sky is available now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

How do you feel about No Man's Sky now that NEXT has arrived? Were you able to find the Chromatic Metal you seek? Tell us in the comments section!