No, the 'Most Epic Celebrity Photo' of All Time Isn't Real

Sorry to disappoint, but the most epic celebrity-packed photo is not real.

Over the weekend on the Twitterverse, a picture that featured Jack Nicholson, Eddie Murphy, Prince, Magic Johnson, Michael Jackson, Madonna and Mike Tyson at Caesar's Palace circulated. "Is there a more epic celeb picture?" one user wrote. "Drop your fave in the comments."

Is there a more epic celeb picture? Drop your fav in the comments.

— George Wrighster III (@georgewrighster) August 31, 2020

However, skeptical fans were quick to spot that the picture was photoshopped, calling bull on the greatest entourage that never existed. "The first thing I noticed is that Jack Nicholson and Mike Tyson are the same height as Magic and figured it was fake, lmao," one person wrote. Nicholson and Tyson are both 5 foot 10, meanwhile Johnson towers over them at 6 foot 9.

"I'm trying to figure out the fascination over the past couple of days of this obviously photoshopped pic," another pondered. "Like, all you have to do is look at Prince for two seconds to know this isn't real," a third commented.

"Is that even Tyson? I think that might be his Madame Tussaud's figure," someone posited, likening Tyson to his wax doppelgänger. "This look like the type of photo they sell on Hollywood Blvd," another wrote.

Jack Nicholson
Actor Jack Nicholson arrives at Columbia's Premiere of "Something's Gotta Give" at Manns Village Theater December 8, 2003 in Westwood, California. Nicholson and several other celebrities were photoshopped to make the legendary photo circulating on Twitter Getty/Kevin Winter

Other users speculated that there was no way this gathering had ever happened. "That actually happened?...No way Prince is walking behind all those people next to Michael. And did Magic shrink?" one fan wrote. "MJ and Prince in the back? Lmao could never happen," another agreed. Jackson and Prince had a famously contentious relationship, The Wrap reported.

"Yeah MJ and Prince were not about to be that close without problems," some else pointed out, referring to the rumor of Prince attempting to hit Jackson with his car, as per BET.

"This doesn't even fit into a 'real' timeline," someone added, especially since the images of celebs featured were all from different years.

The photograph is a composite of several other images, as per Snopes. Nicholson was pulled from an image at The Crossing Guard premiere in 1995. Jackson and Madonna were pulled from pictures at the 1991 Academy Awards. Johnson donning the fur jacket was from a 1988 paparazzi picture in Los Angeles.

But, why was the picture created? In 2017, Bleacher Report Magazine ran an article that fantasized about a one-on-one basketball game between Michael Jordan and Johnson. The Greatest Game Never Played included the doctored image,

Although the legendary match never happened, folks imagined Johnson heading into Caesar's Palace's court with the stacked ensemble.