No One Loves Fall as Much as This Bunny Jumping for Joy in Leaves

As the weather starts to cool and leave change from green to red to brown, some of us are thrilled at the prospect of a new season. It appears no one is quite as happy as one tiny bunny, though, who had the best day ever playing in the fallen leaves.

A Reddit video posted in the r/aww subreddit by u/maribibin on Wednesday shows a small, white bunny galloping through an outdoor playpen. The grass is blanketed by leaves, which doesn't seem to mean much to the bunny at first. It's not until the animal's guardian begins to throw the leaves above it that the bunny realizes how exciting dead leaves truly are.

The leaves fall from above, and instead of waiting for their rightful halt on the ground, the bunny leaps into the cascading leaves with excitement. The routine continues, hop after hop, throw after throw, and it's obvious the bunny has just discovered its new favorite activity.

The human in the video even teases the bunny with false throws, but that doesn't stop it from standing on its hind legs or jumping full force into the empty air. And it also doesn't deter future excitement when the leaves, once again, come falling down.

Rabbits are raised in the Rabbit King Farm on September 11, 2010, in Dayi, near Chengdu, Sichuan province, China. Getty/Lucas Schifres/Getty Images

The human's reaction is just as cute. A woman filming the fun time laughs as the bunny jumps, before stating, "Well, I guess we figured out how to play with her." It's an adorable bonding moment between the humans and animal, and it appears everyone is reaping a mutual happiness from the moment.

Reddit users are thrilled with the footage, too. Since it was uploaded on Wednesday morning, the video has been awarded 14 Wholesome Awards, among others. The comments are just as thoughtful. "Leaves me wanting more," wrote u/jframe42, offering a fitting pun for the adorable moment. "I'm not gonna fall for this, and you autumn know better," responded u/Chester2707.

Others realized the man in the video is actually getting a workout from the outdoor shenanigans with his pet. It gave some an idea about bunny ownership. "So a rabbit would make u not only a bit more happy, but also kinda healthy.. (or some serious back pain, but still happy)," wrote u/thothoflau.

As always, though, there were some skeptics in the thread. Some Reddit users were concerned for the bunny's safety, given the holes that are in its playpen. It appears they may have been thinking about the bunny getting caught in the pen, or a predator entering it when no one's around. Others stated that rabbits shouldn't be alone, and it could be considered inhumane to have just one bunny, and not two.

However, it appears the bunny is safe and more than happy in the video. The clip also makes us a little more excited to put on our fall boots and crunch every leaf on the sidewalk as soon as possible.