No Parody Please, We're British

Someone at the Financial Times has caught a serious case of the sillies. The Lex column, in case you are not a regular reader (and for shame, sir!), bills itself as FT's "agenda-setting column on business and financial topics." But yesterday, dear friends, the lords of finance behind Lex were concerned not with property and commerce, but with skewering President Barack Obama in an awkwardly hysterical fake speech. Excerpts:

Phew, we've been busy! It looks like my administration has been doing a million things at once – but I promise we're in control.

First, let's agree blame for this meltdown lies equally with Wall Street, Washington and Main Street. But mostly Wall Street.

Let me be straight: we will spend and save at the same time.

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My word! Whatever was in the tea at the G20 summit must have made its way over to the Southwark Bridge. Next thing you know, headlines like "New era dawns: minds blown" will start hitting the front page. Wait, ?

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