No 'Star Wars: Episode IX' Super Bowl Trailer, So When is the Release Date?

Sure, we got new teasers for Avengers: Endgame, Toy Story 4, Us and Captain Marvel, but despite crossed fingers worldwide, no Star Wars: Episode IX trailer premiered during the 2019 Super Bowl game between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. So when will we finally see the first footage from the follow-up to The Last Jedi, Star Wars: Episode IX?

Not so much rumors as wishful thinking, fans hoped that Star Wars: Episode IX would make an appearance at Super Bowl LIII, either premiering a commercial or longer trailer. But, according to Deadline, Disney never needed the attention a Super Bowl ad could bring: "This year the thinking is that Episode IX can feasibly create its own weather whenever Disney decides to launch the trailer."

Not only would an Episode IX Super Bowl ad premiere the first footage from the 2019 Star Wars movie, but would also likely have meant the reveal of the movie's subtitle, which remains unannounced. But just because the Super Bowl passed without so much as the vwuummm of a lightsaber, doesn't mean Star Wars: Episode IX is likely to remain under wraps for long.

Premiering in theaters December 20, 2019, Star Wars: Episode IX should debut a trailer within the next two months to hit the same marketing reveal window as previous entries in the series. The first teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted November 28, 2014, more than a year before the December 2015 premiere of the movie. The Last Jedi premiered its trailer at Star Wars Celebration 2017 in April—just eight months before the movie's December 15 release date.

This year's Star Wars Celebration in Chicago will be held April 11-15 and is a likely candidate for the debut of a Star Wars: Episode IX trailer. But there are other possibilities as well.

Since Lucasfilm will want to have Star Wars: Episode IX merch locked and loaded for the Celebration event, we should expect to at least learn the Episode IX subtitle prior to April 11. Assuming Episode IX follows the pattern set by The Last Jedi, the subtitle reveal could be imminent. Star Wars: Episode VIII officially became Star Wars: The Last Jedi on January 23, several months before the trailer debut. Keep an eye on the Star Wars official site for the announcement.

While a Star Wars: Episode IX trailer could premiere in February or March, the unfortunate truth is that a debut is most likely at Star Wars Celebration. Our best guess for the Star Wars: Episode IX trailer release date? Saturday, April 13.