A Nobel Can't Stop Obama's Waning Influence

They've given the prize to terrorists (Yasir Arafat), war makers (Le Duc Tho), and frauds before, as well as many true heroes of peace (Martin Luther King Jr., Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela, and on and on). But this may be the first time the Olympics committee—whoops, I meant the Nobel committee—has awarded the peace prize to an infant. I mean that metaphorically, of course: the Obama administration is just 9 months old, and while there have been many fine words from the president in that time, he hasn't done anything in the toddler stage of his tenure that comes close to the lifetime of sacrifice and courage that earned the award for such people as Lech Walesa, Andrei Sakharov, or Anwar Sadat. (Well, OK, he helped to bring the world back from the brink of another Great Depression, but if that's the reason for the award, why not give it to Ben Bernanke too?) This prize shows two things: one, the prize committee wishes to express the world's delight at being rid of George W. Bush; and two, there is still a yearning out there to have the "old America" back.

A Nobel Can't Stop Obama's Waning Influence | U.S.