Noctis 'Tekken 7' Release Date Revealed in New Trailer

Bandai Namco announced when Noctis Lucis Caelum will arrive in Tekken 7 through a brand new gameplay trailer, which also reveals some other DLC content. Noctis and DLC 3 will drop on March 20.

If you're not familiar with Noctis, the lead character of Final Fantasy XV, below you'll find his official character description and motivations in Tekken 7 from Bandai Namco. You can check out Noctis' Tekken 7 launch trailer above.

Descended from royalty, Noctis displays poise and posture that sets him apart from other Final Fantasy XV characters. As a fierce fighter in his own universe, his vigor and strength in a fight will surely follow him to TEKKEN 7, challenging players to either master Noctis' skills or find a way to defeat him.

The new Noctis trailer shows some wicked gameplay and also reveals other goodies Tekken 7 fans can expect when they download Noctis. This includes Hammerhead, a new stage based on one of Final Fantasy XV's key locations.

The new DLC pack will also come with five unique costumes for Noctis. The first is his casual outfit, a cap and yellow hoodie. The second is his Royal Raiment costume, a black suit with white stripes. The third unique costume is Choco-Mog Style, which puts Noctis in a multi-colored Choco-Mog shirt and hat. Fighting King's Raiment is the fourth unique costume for Noctis as the warrior dons a long black jacket with a hood pulled over his head. Noctis' fifth unique costume is the Kingly Raiment, which looks similar to the Fighting King's Raiment but without the hood pulled over.

Tekken 7 is available now for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Are you excited to fight with Noctis in Tekken 7? Let us know in the comments section below who you want to take on with the Final Fantasy character.