Nostradamus' Predictions for 2021 Aren't Pretty: Asteroids, Earthquakes, Plague and More

We can't seem to get away from Nostradamus predictions, even after 2012 when the world didn't actually end. We also can't seem to shake bad news. While some astrologers are predicting a somewhat hopeful future beginning in the new year, if you choose to believe in Nostradamus, you better start saying your goodbyes.

The 2021 Nostradamus predictions are morbid, terrifying and exhausting, especially after such an unpredictable year. And it seems the predictions end with uncertain death: another prediction that the world will end as we know it.

For a little background, all of these predictions come from Michel De Nostradamus, a French philosopher who lived in the 1500s. He left some poetic predictions—6,338 prophecies to be exact—that some modern-day believers contend have foreseen some modern-day tragedies, including Adolf Hitler's reign and America's 9/11 attacks.

(Original Caption) Astronomer making astronomical calculations. Undated copper engraving. Nostrodamus, 1900. A few Nostradamus predictions have coincided directly with events that have happened in recent years. Bettmann/Getty

Now, his words are being used to shine a light on 2021 in astrological predictions. Website decoded Nostradamus in their 2021 roundup and it may be frightening to read. According to the website, 70 percent of Nostradamus's predictions have come true, and while 2021's lineup seems a bit far-fetched, we're crossing our fingers he was wrong this time.

Nostradamus predicted many terrible things would happen, including a zombie apocalypse and a global famine. But these events don't necessarily state 2021 as the starting time. The famine, for example, has been taken from this prediction:

"After great trouble for humanity, a greater one is prepared, / The Great Mover renews the ages: / Rain, blood, milk, famine, steel and plague, / Is the heavens fire seen, a long spark running."

Naturally, the "great trouble for humanity" appears it could be the coronavirus. That's why some think the famine and other horrors may be coming soon. His zombie prediction does claim the battle between "half-dead" and living will end the world, but there's no mention of the year.

A few Nostradamus predictions have coincided directly with events that have happened in recent years. One is an asteroid that the philosopher predicted will hit—or pass closely by—earth. Yes, NASA is keeping its eye on a few asteroids, 2,078 to be exact according to National Geographic. But in 2021, the scientists will launch a program called Double Asteroid Redirection Test, or DART, which will test its technological capabilities when it comes to pushing threatening asteroids off course.

Also, an asteroid called 2014 SD224 did shoot past earth on Christmas Day, which means technically, this prediction may have already come true, now and dozens of times before.

One event that appears to be specific to 2021 is that the state of California may be destroyed by an earthquake. "The sloping park, great calamity, / Through the Lands of the West and Lombardy / The fire in the ship, plague, and captivity; / Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn fading," Nostradamus wrote. And Mercury in Sagittarius is scheduled to take place on November 25, 2021.

Nostradamus predicted much more, including an increased threat of climate change, religious trends, military technology and more. You can read it all here.