Notes: Vp Life

Lynne Cheney has put a planned book critiquing the education establishment on hold while she promotes her new patriotic primer for children (G is for God; P is for Patriotism). Cheney says she feels obligated to use her "mighty pulpit" as the veep's wife "to be positive." She denies keeping a diary in the White House, but says, "Every time something completely absurd happens to me, I write it down--and I'm in a line of work where lots of absurd things happen." On 9-11, for example, she was spirited away by Secret Service agents who decided to bring her to the White House's underground bunker. But she arrived just as the White House was being evacuated. With everybody heading for the exits, security people were suspicious of anybody trying to get in. "And they weren't sure who this might be, to the point of blocking the entrance with a fire engine so we couldn't get in," says Cheney. She eventually joined her husband in the bunker. The VP still spends many nights away from home for security reasons. Asked which of the undisclosed locations her husband likes best, Cheney said, "The ones that come stocked with quail."