Novak Djokovic Made Some Kids' Day With a Game Of Street Tennis, and the Internet Loved It

Novak Djokovic
Novak Djokovic made some kids' day with a game of street tennis. Srdjan Stevanovic/Getty

Novak Djokovic, the No. 1–ranked tennis player in the world, was recently seen in his hometown of Belgrade, Serbia, playing street tennis with three kids.

Djokovic had just won his eighth Australian Open championship last month, but he made sure to spend time with his young fans by playing a game of doubles with them in the street. After the video surfaced on Twitter, he spoke about the game he played with the fans at an event for his Novak Djokovic Foundation (NDF) on Tuesday.

"It was spontaneous, first time I saw someone playing tennis in the neighborhood," Djokovic said, according to Sasa Ozmo of Sports Klub. "I saw someone recording but didn't know it was out there. We marked the lines, and I promised them the net. These are the moments one lives for; my heart was full. Great fun."

A number of fans who were following the video took to Twitter to express their support and love for the tennis star.

"Just Novak Djokovic. Because he's genuinely one super kind person. That's just who he is," Twitter user Julie wrote.

"A simple, down to earth guy who loves his countrymen very much. No ego and all the humility in the world. Such a beautiful person. Wish all sports stars were like him," wrote Twitter user ASHPIRIN.

"Imagine being those kids. I mean it must feel like you have just met Superman," Twitter user Tennis Puneet wrote.

"What an incredible human…This must have definitely made those kids nights…Huge from Nole," Twitter user ClaudeJosh wrote.

In addition to playing street tennis with some local fans, Djokovic also held an event for his foundation, which according to its website, aims to achieve the goal of "a quality preschool education for all." At the event, Djokovic was seen singing, along with his wife.

"With our NDF team, donors and friends we celebrated giving, supporting kids and love. Novak and I were invited on stage to sing and…we had fun! We are sharing with you our joy and love," Djokovic's wife Jelena wrote as a caption to the video of the couple singing.

This is not the first time Djokovic has carved time out of his schedule to meet with his fans. In August 2019, at the Cincinnati Open, he met with a 10-year-old cancer survivor and allowed him to sit on his bench.

"This brave kid survived neuroblastoma cancer. He was diagnosed when he was only a 10 day old baby!!! He survived and now he rightfully wears the T-shirt that says CHAMPION," Djokovic wrote as a caption to his Instagram post.

Djokovic is set to make his next appearance on the tennis court on February 24 at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, which he has won four times.

Novak Djokovic Made Some Kids' Day With a Game Of Street Tennis, and the Internet Loved It | Sports