NRA Takes Back Criticism of 'Open Carry' Protests

Tammi Warren wears her pistol strapped to her hip during an Open Carry Gun supporters rally in front of the Romulus Police Department in Romulus, Michigan April 27, 2014. Rebecca Cook/Reuters

The National Rifle Association released an uncharacteristically blunt statement on Friday denouncing activists in Texas who waltzed into franchises of fast-food chains like Sonic and Chili's with their high-powered semiautomatic rifles to make some sort of point. The NRA called the tactic "weird" and "scary," and said it "crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness."

In response, members of Open Carry Texas, the activist group involved in the demonstrations, cut up their NRA membership cards and demanded that the NRA retract its "disgusting and disrespectful comments."

So on Tuesday, the NRA did just that.

In a video interview with the NRA's own news site, the head of the NRA's lobbying arm blamed a staff member's "personal opinion" for the original statement, and apologized for "any confusion" it may have caused, Talking Points Memo reported.

NRA Takes Back Criticism of 'Open Carry' Protests | U.S.