Nurse Suspended After Joking About Mistreating Patients in Viral Videos

A nurse says she has been suspended over her TikTok videos after viewers complained about her treatment of patients.

Kelly Morris, of North Carolina, posted videos to her 32,000 followers under the username "BubbleGumKelz" and made content about her job. However, viewers expressed concern about Morris appearing to joke about mistreating her patients.

Now-deleted videos, which are still available through stitches and duets on TikTok, show Morris joking about giving her patients too many pills, lying about vital signs, or acting as though she doesn't care when a patient dies.

The story was first reported by local station WXII12.

The Citadel Winston Salem nursing facility has suspended Morris over her TikTok account.

Its parent company, Accordius Health, told WXII12 in a statement: "The Citadel at Winston Salem was made aware of TikTok videos by an employee last week. Our team investigated [the] content and acted immediately.

"Misuse and unprofessional use of social media platforms by employees violates our core values and is not tolerated. Any form of resident abuse is never tolerated. Be assured we have handled the situation and reported her actions to all appropriate state and federal agencies.

"We love our residents; provide for and protect them every day. We are grateful for the global healthcare team that protects the elderly with pride in our profession."

However, Morris denies any wrongdoing and argues that she has been targeted by a form of "cancel culture."

"The only thing hurt in my TikTok videos were people's feelings. All my videos are comedy skits," she told WXII12 in a statement.

"I can understand how someone can be upset but not to the degree they are taking it. No one was ever harmed and I treat all my patients with great care and they all love me."

Morris' original account BubbleGumKelz was also banned from TikTok according to the nurse, who made a second account under the name BubbleGumKelzz. She posted a video with the caption "When trolls get you banned. Like I can't make a second account."

Morris has since set up a GoFundMe page titled "TikTok got me fired, so feed my kids" with a goal of $50,000. So far, the GoFundMe page has raised $55.

The page reads: "Hi my name is Kelly, the Karens of TikTok didn't like my content and are working on getting me fired. I have three children that depend on me to eat. So I need all the Karens to donate and feed my kids."

Stock image of a nurse. A nurse has been suspended over TikTok videos in which she joked about mistreating patients. Team Static/Getty