N.Y. Closure

The site is two boroughs and more than a dozen miles away from what used to be the World Trade Center. But for hundreds of workers who spent the last 10 months at the Fresh Kills Landfill in Staten Island, the horrors have been the same. More than 1.8 million tons of debris was brought from Ground Zero. Wearing hazmat suits and respirators, law-enforcement officers and volunteers searched the wreckage for human remains, personal artifacts and, without avail, black boxes from the hijacked airplanes. By last week, 175 acres of debris had been reduced to three 25-foot heaps. But the piles continue to give up grisly artifacts: recently, a police officer's jacket and the wallet of a female passenger on American Airlines Flight 11 were found. More than 4,400 human remains have been recovered at the landfill, from which 191 people have been identified. Now, most of the people who worked "The Hill" will head home. "What's tough is knowing that there're families out there who are still waiting," says FBI agent Richard Marx, who codirected the cleanup.