NYPD Investigating After a Man's Body Found Rolled Up in Red Carpet on a Manhattan Sidewalk

Police have launched an investigation after a dead body was found wrapped in a carpet on a sidewalk in New York City.

A pedestrian spotted a red carpet outside a branch of Starbucks on 145th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard, Harlem, Manhattan, at around 6am on Thursday, ABC 7 reported citing police. The man called 911 when he noticed what appeared to be feet or shoes poking out from the material, the Associated Press reported.

Police have not released the identity of the victim, who appeared to be in his 20s or 30s.

Dermot Shea, New York Police Department Chief of Detectives said the incident is being treated as a homicide, according to the New York Post. The authorities may have identified the man, "but it's still way too preliminary to put that out," he said.

When the carpet was unravelled, the man was found to be wrapped in a plastic bag, ABC 7 reported. The man was fully clothed, and dressed in gray sweatpants and a t-shirt. He did not have any identification on him.

The authorities believe a red shopping cart discovered near the body could have been used by to take the remains up a hill and dump it outside the coffee shop.

A surveillance video obtained by the New York Post appears to show two men pushing a rolled up piece of carpet in a cart.

The culprits are thought to have placed the body on the street a few hours before it was discovered, Shea told the Associated Press.

No one has been arrested in connection with the finding. The medical examiner will determine how the man died.

NBC New York reported dozens of law enforcement vehicles attended the scene. An area spanning about a block was covered in police tape, including a number of vehicles.

Israel Savage, 36, told the New York Post he discovered the body on Thursday morning. He was heading to his gym at around 5:45 on West 145th Street and Bradhurst Avenue when he spotted the carpet.

Savage told the newspaper: "I could tell people we're agitated. I saw two feet, what appeared to be feet, they had socks on them, hanging out of a trash bag.

"There were multiple trash bags around this package, a cart, some cardboard, a carpet, and it was all taped. Looked like the intention was to cover the whole thing but the plastic had come off of the feet."

Savage headed to Starbucks to ask for a pair of plastic gloves and opened the carpet.

"I went to the head of the body, or the head of the package, and open up the carpet, and again I wanted to see if it was a false alarm, and the head of the package was covered in plastic. It was heavy," he said.

"I went over where the socks were and the sweatpants, and I separated the two, and it was what appeared to be a male leg, darker complected," Savage said.

Witness Christopher Brown told ABC 7: "I was on my way to school and was coming up the block and saw all the cops and ambulances.

"It was crazy. I know the Starbucks workers were all standing there in shock," he said.

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The NYPD is investigating after a man's body was found in a carpet on a Manhattan sidewalk. Getty