Woman Held Captive and Abused for Days After Meeting Man on Tinder—Police

A woman was allegedly held captive for days and sexually assaulted after meeting a man in California on a dating app.

The woman managed to escape the house in the Oakland area of Los Angeles on Monday and scream for help.

According to a NextDoor post, seen by KTVU, a passerby managed to come and help the woman, who was "shaking, crying and almost incoherent."

The woman is said to have met a man on the dating app Tinder before being held against her will in the home in Maxwell Park for three days.

According to the NextDoor post from Erik Schulz, the woman eventually managed to escape from the house on Walnut Street and ran two blocks screaming and "begging someone to help her."

Schulz described his shock that no one else came to the woman's aid as she was running down the street.

"Woman escaped being kidnapped and imprisoned yesterday. No one did anything," he wrote.

"She ended up in front of my house after running two blocks begging someone to help her. I'm in a high traffic area. There were many people walking dogs in the street, driving by and parking."

Schulz said after running out of his home to help the woman, a man pulled up in a car and threatened to kill her.

"My wife and sister both started calling the police as I stood in between them with him in his car," Schulz added.

"She is behind me begging for help saying she'd been held captive for three days."

The suspect soon drove away, and police arrived at the scene a short while later.

In a statement to Newsweek, Oakland Police confirmed that a suspect is in custody and the crime is still under investigation

A spokesperson added: "On July 12th, 2021 at approximately 16:59, Oakland Police Officers were dispatched to the 5400 Block of Fleming Avenue to investigate a report of a kidnapping.

"A preliminary investigation revealed that an adult female (Non-Oakland resident) was falsely imprisoned and sexually assaulted by her male partner. The watch commander authorized a Special Victims Section callout. Officers subsequently placed the male (Oakland resident) into custody."

Local resident Joann Yoshioka said she was concerned after reading the NextDoor post.

"If it was my daughter—someone that you loved—it would be upsetting to know that no one came to their aid," she told KTVU.

Yoshioka added she is grateful that Schulz was willing to help the woman after hearing her cry out.

"I think that when you have a dangerous situation, it's hard to really assess quickly is it safe or not," she said.

"We don't know if this woman was part of another issue, but I think the guy just had good instincts and he could see she was definitely in distress and I'm appreciative that people like him are willing to do something about it."

The "Tinder" app logo is seen on a mobile phone screen on November 24, 2016 in London, England. A woman was allegedly held captive in the Oakland home of a man she met on the dating app. Leon Neal/Getty Images

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