OAN Alleges Newsmax Is 'Left-Leaning,' Noting It Declared Biden Winner Over Trump

One America News (OAN) has accused Newsmax of being a "left-leaning organization," noting that the conservative outlet threw former President Donald Trump "under the bus" in the 2020 presidential election.

The two conservative media outlets have battled for pro-Trump viewers since the November election, as an increasing number of conservatives move from Fox News to outlets further to the right.

In a recent segment, OAN host and investigative journalist Pearson Sharp claimed that Newsmax projects an image of conservatism but has failed to adequately support Trump amid this ongoing baseless claim that widespread voter fraud caused his election defeat to President Joe Biden.

An introduction voiceover of Sharp's segment said, "Fox News abandoning its core viewers for an anti-Trump agenda, many are turning to OAN and Newsmax for a reliable news source. However, as One America's Pearson Sharp reports, digging into the background of Newsmax reveals an organization with surprisingly left-leaning leadership."

I promise you, this is the craziest, most comical ‘news’ story you will ever see. OAN, after brushing off Fox News as anti-Trump, makes the case that Newsmax is run secretly by left-wingers. Even their TV channels are calling each other traitors! This is not satire! pic.twitter.com/8pqUTOGKjY

— Ron Filipkowski (@RonFilipkowski) May 22, 2021

Sharp begins his segment on Newsmax by claiming that Fox News has shifted to the left, abandoning its conservative viewers and forcing them toward OAN and Newsmax.

"For a long time, conservatives could count on Fox News for an honest take on what was going on but as we saw during this last election, Fox jumped ship and headed for waters that were a lot darker blue," he said.

The host then claimed that Newsmax's decision to declare Biden president, ignoring unverified voter fraud conspiracy theories, indicates that the outlet is far from conservative.

"Then there was Newsmax, which likes to project an image of being home for conservative, right-leaning or at the very least center-right news," Sharp said. "A place where anyone who's tired of Fox's increasingly left-wing angles can find a fresh take on news. But is that really the case?"

He added: "If you dig deeper under the Newsmax image of so-called conservative news, you'll find a very different, much more left-leaning organization. One of the best examples is how during the last election, Newsmax threw Trump under the bus and buckled almost immediately, declaring Biden the next president, despite all the evidence of massive fraud and without waiting for the contested battleground states to finish their investigations."

In February, OAN accused Newsmax of engaging in "leftist censorship" after Newsmax host Bob Sellers cut an interview with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell short.

At the time, OAN host Jenn Pellegrino aired a clip of Sellers walking off set as Lindell was pushing election conspiracy theories. "This wasn't the first time Lindell was muzzled while appearing on Newsmax," Pellegraino said.

OAN accuses Newsman of being "left-leaning"
A recent OAN report accused Newsmax of abandoning Trump and being a "left-leaning organization." OAN/Screenshot