OAN CEO Says Biden Will Face Charges for Voter Fraud Despite Most Claims Being Debunked

Despite many cases of voter fraud being debunked, One America News CEO Robert Herring tweeted out claims that fraud has been uncovered and President-Elect Joe Biden will face charges for it.

On Thursday, Herring wrote, "Why is Biden still trying to act like he's going to be president when he knows the Dem cheating has been uncovered? He should be working on a way to clear all the charges he faces." He also tagged President Donald Trump and OAN.

Many people fired back at Herring, calling voter fraud claims and OAN's reporting on them bogus. CNN media reporter Oliver Darcy shared it to show "what coverage in some pro-Trump circles looks like."

Despite most major media outlets calling Biden the winner of the 2020 election, Trump has disputed the claims and said that he was the actual winner of the election, citing voter fraud as the reason for his loss. While the president has continued to share claims and conspiracy theories alleging voter fraud, many officials and judges have repudiated them.

Trump has also called for recounts and audits in some states that he's lost. For example, his campaign has sought recounts in certain Wisconsin counties, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and Georgia is expected to present results of an audit on Thursday, according to NBC News.

The conservative news network has been the basis of a number of conspiracy theories that Trump has tweeted about voter fraud in the election. One of the most popular conspiracies he's shared was that Dominion Voting Systems deleted votes for Trump and switched some votes for him to Biden.

Trump tweeted the conspiracy on November 12 and has continued to share it, often tagging OAN or sharing links to its news stories. On Thursday, he tweeted a video of a news story about the conspiracy featuring an interview with a "large systems technical analyst who has been pouring over [i.e. reading] the Dominion Systems manual." As previously reported, these claims have been debunked.

Another disputed claim that Trump has shared, citing OAN, says that tens of thousands of dead people were registered to vote.

While Herring doesn't elaborate what cheating he's referring to, he has not hidden his fondness for Trump. He has retweeted Trump's tweets that cite OAN. Herring has also publicly offered Trump a position with OAN. "Mr. President, instead of launching your own media company, I invite you to join forces with @OANN. Conservative-friendly and dependable news is sure to 'TRUMP' Fox," he tweeted on November 13. It's unclear why he would offer Trump a role if he still believes that he will continue to be president for the next four years, but having a president as a regular on a news network would be a feather in the cap for sure.

While it's not clear if he'd accept Herring's offer Trump has shown his affection for OAN, often shouting it out on Twitter. On Thursday afternoon he tweeted that OAN, conservative outlet Newsmax, and "maybe Fox News" had lawyers on their networks: "An open and shut case of voter fraud. Massive numbers," he tweeted.

A press contact for OAN did not respond to Newsweek's emailed request for comment in time for publication.

Voter Fraud
Tens of thousands of Trump supporters rally and march to declare the 2020 Presidential election results a fraud and the true winner to be President Trump, on November 14, 2020 in downtown Washington, D.C. Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty