Obama Arrives in Moscow

President Obama just arrived in Moscow. First stop: He and First Lady Michelle Obama will lay flowers at the Russian Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, just off Red Square. Then it's off to the Kremlin, where Obama will meet one on one with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. They'll have a press conference later this afternoon--er well, morning to you guys back home. Two things of note so far: Local TV did not show Air Force One's arrival in Moscow so maybe there's something to those reports about the Russians being totally blasé about the president of the United States being in town. (Your Gaggler and other reporters not in the press pool today instead were witness to yet another interview with Jermaine Jackson. Thanks CNN!) And in another strange weather development, it's suddenly not raining anymore. It had been pouring buckets, so much so that your Gaggler had made a few bad jokes about building an ark. (Yes, we know. We won't quit our day job.) But within minutes of Obama's landing, a blinding sun suddenly broke through the clouds. Weird, no?