Obama Foundation's New Spotify Playlist Features Chance the Rapper, Kanye West

Obama Foundation releases a new Spotify playlist featuring Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and more
President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks behind the helmet and weapon of one of the fallen soldiers during the III Corps and Fort Hood Memorial Ceremony on November 10, 2009, held to honor the victims of the shootings in Fort Hood, Texas. The Obama Foundation will release a new Spotify playlist featuring Chance the Rapper, Kanye West and others on May 2. Kevin Lamarque/REUTERS

It's well known that Barack Obama has a knack for creating music playlists, and now his foundation is following in his footsteps.

While he was in office, the former president assembled a slew of playlists that he shared on Spotify, including compilations of songs he liked to work out to and his infamous summer playlist. Upon leaving the White House, Obama was even offered a job as president of playlists, which would have put him in charge of overseeing the music app's curation and playlists team.

Obama turned down that offer, opting to work on his Obama Foundation, a nonprofit he founded with Michelle Obama that aims to "carry on the great, unfinished project of renewal and global progress," according to the foundation's website. So it's not all that surprising to see the Obama Foundation now offering up its own playlist.

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The foundation tapped some renowned artists to contribute to its "Hometown" playlist on Spotify, including Chance the Rapper, Drake, Fiona Apple and Beyoncé. Many former Obama administration staffers also helped curate the playlist, which honors hometowns and the music that reminds people of home. Others who chose tracks for the Chicago-inspired list include Jennifer Hudson, Dan Aykroyd, Nick Offerman and Mavis Staples.

.@Nick_Offerman's pick for our Hometown playlist? Tom Waits all day long. https://t.co/UNWZlgTNN1 pic.twitter.com/LIiHSnludy

— The Obama Foundation (@ObamaFoundation) April 28, 2017

Although the playlist is particularly curated with songs that are reminiscent of Chicago, were Obama was a community organizer before becoming a senator and then president, the foundation noted that over time "more and more songs that remind you of your hometown" will be added to the list. The group is also taking suggestions from the public about songs to be added to the playlist.

So far, the playlist features 18 tracks—three of which come from Chicago rapper Kanye West. Frank Sinatra, Tom Waits, Steve Goodman, Liz Phair and Common are other artists whose work is featured on the Obama Foundation's playlist.

Check out the full playlist — including picks from Stephanie Izard, Jennifer Hudson, and Mavis Staples — at https://t.co/T2fWqmxOJP

— The Obama Foundation (@ObamaFoundation) April 27, 2017

Check it out here.