Obama Girl's Latest Viral Vid

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's … Super Obama Girl? In a primary campaign that hasn't exactly been wanting for weirdness, Amber Lee Ettinger—Obama Girl to you—is back in all her viral video glory, this time well endowed with superhuman political powers. Ettinger gyrated her way to Web fame last June, lip-syncing "I Got a Crush … on Obama" in the maiden video by Barely Political, a Web site that posts weekly hit-or-miss humor. Obama Girl was an unexpected smash. "Crush" has been viewed more than 5.5 million times on YouTube and was declared one of the top 10 videos of 2007 by YouTube and, ahem, NEWSWEEK. Four other Obama Girl videos have followed and Ettinger—who has since modeled for Maxim, Playboy (in a bikini) and FHM, among other lad mags—has even been dispatched to cover the New Hampshire primary and the CNN/YouTube debate in South Carolina. "This video has made younger people interested in politics," says Ettinger. "It lets you look at these candidates as real people."

Maybe. It has certainly gotten a lot of young men to look at Sen. Barack Obama's most infamous supporter. (Or is she? In an interview with NEWSWEEK, Ettinger declined to say who she's really planning to vote for.) In the newest video Ettinger has traded her red hot pants for superhero tights. There's also a new song, again sung by vocalist Leah Kauffman, who rhymes wonky with funky. Watch as Super Obama Girl, blasted by the senator's ray of hope, does battle with the "forces of darkness," which apparently include both Chuck Norris and Bill Clinton. We learn that it's because of Super Obama Girl that her man carried Iowa, and that the reason Obama failed to take New Hampshire was that she was trapped by Sen. Hillary Clinton's henchmen, Status and Quo. "A lot of the feedback we were getting was people thinking the ["Crush on Obama"] video could actually help Obama," says Barely Political founder Ben Relles. "This spoofs that idea." It's also enough to make you, regardless of your politics, pray for an Obama victory—and four more years of Ettinger.