Obama to the Russians: My Golf Swing Sucks

What does President Obama dislike about himself? His golf swing. Your Gaggler thinks that's sort of a lame answer (Come on Mr. President! Golf?), but that's what Obama told an interviewer from Russia's state-run Rossiya TV and ITAR-TASS news agency ahead of his trip to Moscow. "I don't like my golf swing," Obama said, according to a transcript released by the White House. "It's a game I keep on thinking that I should be good at, and somehow the ball goes this way and that way and never goes straight." It's not for lack of trying: Obama has been golfing more than a dozen times since he moved into the White House. He's golfed at least once every weekend for the past month, including this past Saturday when he the links at Andrews Air Force Base ahead of a July 4th barbecue at the White House. This isn't the first time Obama has bemoaned his golf skills. In an interview with CBS's Harry Smith last month, Obama confessed that he's "terrible" at the game but that he won't stop because it helps him escape the long-dreaded presidential bubble. "You almost feel normal. In the sense that you're not in a bubble. There are a whole bunch of secret service guys, but they're sort of in the woods… You're hacking away, and hitting some terrible shot and your friends are laughing at you… It's as close as you're going to get to being outside of this place."