Obama: 'Scare Tactics' Are Causing Poll Numbers to Drop

ABC just posted the transcript of its full interview with President Obama set to air tonight on Nightline. The talk is heavy on health care—Obama is a lot more feisty than he was last night in defending its details. At one point, Terry Moran asks Obama about the polls, which show he's lost some of his momentum on health care. The president blows it off and blames his critics and their "scare tactics." "What the polls are showing is, is that the more they focus on the political arguments that are out there, as opposed to my plan, the more anxious people get," Obama tells ABC. "That's not a reflection of us walking through the American people on our plan. That's a reflection of the fact that this debate consistently degenerates into a certain pattern, which is, government takeover of health care and you know, this is going to be radical and, you know, somebody's going to get between you and your doctor." Moran also asked Obama about his recent meeting with the director of the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office, who had previously been critical of the health care reform and whether it was appropriate:

MORAN: So you weren't leaning on him?
OBAMA: Terry, we don't lean.
MORAN: You're the president. You can.
OBAMA: My job as president is to get the facts and the facts are on our side in this situation.