Obama's Unlikely Defender: Laura Bush

Most political pundits have been quick to blame the oil disaster on Obama. Within a couple of days conservatives began calling it "Obama's Katrina," referencing his predecessor's response to the 2005 disaster. But Friday morning, Obama found an unusual supporter—former First Lady Laura Bush.

On Good Morning America, Robin Roberts asked Bush if she thought the administration was doing enough to deal with the spill. Bush was quick to respond by saying Obama's team is doing everything it can do.

The former First Lady isn't known for supporting Obama, but clearly the Katrina comparison bothers her. Any criticism of the oil response as a mismanaged "Katrina" doesn't just blame Obama, but admits her husband made a mistake as well. In her memoir, released last month, Bush fervently defends her husband's response to Katrina, and Friday's interview was no different.

Bush wasn't really defending Obama, just continuing to support her husband. As Roberts pointed out, if it's Obama's fault, it's President Bush's mess too because the "cozy" relationship between the regulators and the oil industry existed long before January 2009.

Bush isn't likely to be holding a campaign sign for Obama in 2012, but she does know what it feels like to be blamed for a disaster's response. Who is to blame for the spill will continue to be debated for years to come and will probably be the next president's measuring stick.