'Octopath Traveler' Jobs: How to Learn a Secondary Class

In "Octopath Traveler" each character can acquire a secondary and secret job to add to their arsenal. Here's how to acquire them.

A big feature in Nintendo and Square Enix's latest JRPG, Octopath Traveler, are the specific jobs assigned to each of the eight characters in the game. Jobs act as classes in Octopath, giving each character special abilities and ways to fight.

However, each character can obtain a secondary job to boost their fighting prowess in-game by finding special shrines littered throughout the world of Octopath Traveler . Here's how to unlock the secondary jobs for each character in Octopath Traveler.

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There are eight characters to play as in 'Octopath Traveler.' Find out all about jobs and secondary occupations, here. Nintendo/Square Enix

Secondary Jobs: How To Find and Unlock Job Shrine Locations

There are eight Job Shrines throughout the world of Octopath Traveler. Each shrine's location is close to where you find the character with that job. For example, the shrine to get the Hunter job is close to where the H'aanit begins her journey.

Once you find the shrine, simply examine it and decide whether you want to accept the secondary job or not. Here's a list of all the shrines, what job they give and their locations. You can find the starting location for each character marked on the world map shortly after beginning your game.

Apothecary - Shrine of the Healer

  • Location: Southwest area of the map. South of where Alfyn starts.

Hunter - Shrine of the Huntress

  • Location: North area of the world map. North of where H'aanit starts.

Cleric - Shrine of the Flamebearer

  • Location: North area of the world map (snowy area). North of where Ophelia starts.

Dancer - Shrine of the Lady of Grace

  • Location: South area of the world map. South of where Primrose starts.

Thief - Shrine of the Prince of Thieves

  • Location: West-most area of the world map. West of where Therion starts.

Scholar - Shrine of the Sage

  • Location: Northeast area of the world map. North of where Cyrus starts.

Warrior - Shrine of the Thunderblade

  • Location: Southeast on the world map. Southeast of where Olberic starts.

Merchant - Shrine of the Trader

  • Location: The East-most location. It's east of where Tressa starts (across the water)

Secondary jobs in Octopath Traveler gives the perks and skills of that class, but teams cannot have multiple members with the same job. If you have a Dancer/Hunter character, you can't have a team member who has a Dancer or Hunter job.

Which character did you start your Octopath Traveler journey with? What secondary job do you want them to learn? Let us know in the comments section below.