'League of Legends' Odyssey: New PVE Game Mode, Skins and Adventure (UPDATE)

League of Legends just unveiled a new cinematic for the MOBA's latest special event: Odyssey. Travel through the universe in the Morning Star alongside the universe's most rambunctious space crew. There's the muscular Malphite, the stoic Yasuo, the mischievous Jinx and the new recruit Sona. They may not be the guardians of the galaxy, but they still have bad guys like Kayn hunting them down.

The Odyssey event will start Sept.12, giving players a chance to try the brand new PVE mode, Odyssey: Extraction. Following up on the success of the Star Guardians event, Odyssey: Extraction intends to show League fans a stellar time.

There's five modes of difficulty (Intro, Normal, Hard, Expert, Onslaught) and a new augment system that allows you to unlock permanent skills for the mode the more you play. If you complete the Intro difficulty, you'll be able to buy a special Morning Star jacket in-real-life and toys that you won't be getting anywhere else.

It wouldn't be a League of Legends event if there weren't new skins to buy. Kayn, who is now a one-eyed space villain, will be getting a Legendary skin (which isn't bad for his first cosmetic since launch). There's also Epic skins for the rest of the space crew, including Ziggs who was MIA from the cinematic.

Update: Riot Games has released screenshots of the event, giving us a good look at Ziggs and the crew.

Jinx Screenshot0
Jinx looking fly Riot Games
Malphite Screenshot0
Malphite has a friend Riot Games
The Augments can give you more bombs Riot Games
Ziggs Screenshot0
Ziggs phone home Riot Games

Riot Games hired legendary comic book writer Dan Abnett, writer of the original Guardians of the Galaxy reboot comic. Without him, you'd have never heard of Groot or Rocket Raccoon. He's writing a new short story for Kayn that's going to dive into the darkin's background.

More information will be released tomorrow about the game mode. Stay tuned to Newsweek for a special interview with the developers, guides and potentially more.