Officer Tells Black Man He 'Looks Suspicious' for Wearing Designer Watch and Crocs

An officer told a Black man he looked suspicious because he was wearing a designer watch and Crocs, in a video posted on Twitter by civil rights attorney Ben Crump.

Crump shared the two-minute clip on his page late Wednesday, adding that it showed racism is a "worldwide pandemic." The video has since amassed around 60,000 views and has been circulated widely.

"WOW. Now we can't even wear a WATCH while Black without 'looking suspicious'?! This is the DEFINITION of racial profiling!" Crump wrote alongside the video. "This video shows that racism is a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC, and we need a cure for it NOW!"

It's not clear exactly where the encounter in the video took place or when. According to Crump, it was filmed by a Black man.

Crump, who has represented the families of a number of African Americans slain by police including Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, has been dubbed "Black America's attorney general" by Rev. Al Sharpton. Crump has been contacted for comment.

WOW. Now we can't even wear a WATCH while Black without "looking suspicious"?! This is the DEFINITION of racial profiling! This video shows that racism is a WORLDWIDE PANDEMIC, and we need a cure for it NOW!

— Ben Crump (@AttorneyCrump) September 17, 2020

The clip starts shortly after the man was approached by an armed officer while sat inside a transport hub.

"What is the problem? Why am I being approached?" the man is heard saying.

An officer says the man looks "suspicious," before explaining that it's because the man has a "really nice watch... but you're wearing Crocs."

The video shows the man was wearing gray sweatpants, black Crocs with pink socks and a gold watch on his wrist.

The man appears stunned at the officer's reasoning, saying to the officer: "Are you... You're deada**... because I'm wearing Crocs and I have on a Michael Kors watch, that's suspicious?"

"For me it is," the officer replies.

When the officer adds that he's just doing his job, the man tells him: "How though? I'm literally just sitting here, I'm not doing nothing. I'm not doing nothing wrong. I'm literally just sitting here...and it's suspicious because I have on Crocs, and I have a watch?"

The officer continues, telling the man that the "stuff you're wearing doesn't fit with one another."

"How does it not fit?" The man then asks the officer. "That's like me saying because you have on a uniform. You got a watch. That watch doesn't fit your uniform. So you look suspicious. I mean think about it."

The officer appears unmoved, saying: "So is it a problem for you to just show us..."

"It is a problem and I definitely feel like I'm being profiled right now," the man replies. "I'm definitely being profiled."

"You're not," the officer replies.

"I'm definitely being... did you hear a word that just came out your mouth? You literally just said that I look suspicious, because I have on my watch and a pair of Crocs. I'm definitely being profiled... and I'm literally not, I'm not bothering anybody."

Flags with Martin Luther King Jr. (C) and Harriet Tubman (R) are displayed during the weekly Black Lives Matter protest in front of the Hall of Justice in Los Angeles, California, September 9, 2020. Valerie Macon/AFP via Getty Images