'Oh My God'! Axl's Back!

As far as career strategies go, this one isn't recommended: (1) Front biggest band in world. (2) Fire all bandmates in huff. (3) Get arrested. Repeat. (4) Vanish for six years. But it's paying off huge for Axl Rose, the moody shriek-box who is now, more or less by himself, Guns N' Roses. When copies of "Oh My God"--Axl's first song since 1991--arrived at radio stations last week, Geffen Records included orders not to play it until this Tuesday. DJs scoffed, plunking "Oh My God" into heavy rotation. The song won't be in stores until Nov. 9 (on the soundtrack for the Schwarzenegger film "End of Days"), but NEWSWEEK has obtained a copy. The verdict: rest assured that GN'R's ear-splitting sound is largely intact. But if Axl needed this long to squeeze out one tune, how long will it take for a full album?