Ohio Catholic School Parents Jailed After Brawl at Volleyball Game Sends One to Hospital

Two parents have been jailed and charged with assault after a brawl at a Catholic school volleyball game left one parent in the hospital.

Local police said the incident took place on Friday night, WLWT Cincinnati has reported, adding that the parents had been watching an eighth grade girls volleyball game between the St. Susanna and St. Peter and Paul schools.

The alleged victim walked outside after being annoyed by a decision in the game and was then jumped in the parking lot by the accused attackers, the hospitalized man's wife told police.

Police reportedly said that Gerald Gertz and Sarah Hatfield, the parents accused of assault, both kicked the victim with Gertz punching his head and Hatfield stomping on him.

WLWT Cincinnati reported that the victim's wife said in a police call: "My husband was just physically assaulted. He's on the pavement."

The news outlet also said the police report noted that Gertz asked authorities over the phone what they expected him to do when he was told to "**** off."

Newsweek has asked Mason City Police Department in Ohio for a copy of the incident report on the alleged assault and a statement. St. Susanna School in Mason, Ohio has also been asked for comment.

The victim of the alleged assault was unable to give a statement to authorities because injuries left him unable to write or speak, the police report seen by WLWT Cincinnati said. Police claimed Hatfield was arrested at the scene while Gertz handed himself in at a later time after initially driving away.

News of the alleged assault outside the Catholic school's gymnasium came as it was revealed that the principal of a Christian school in Australia described 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg as a "little girl" with "emotional and mental problems."

Coffs Harbour Christian Community School principal Rodney Lynn made the remarks in an end-of-term newsletter to parents of pupils at the school in New South Wales. In the document, he also said her statements about the global climate were "doomsday waffle."

In the September 26 newsletter, first covered by Coffs Coast Advocate, Lynn wrote: "No one knows when the final wind up of the world will be—aside from God. Do not be afraid. Your world's future is in the hands of God, not in the predictions of a little girl and false prophets."

Thunberg addressed the U.N. General Assembly on Monday with a speech calling out the failure of world leaders to get a handle on the climate crisis.