Woman Wakes up in Freezer Two Days after Going to House Party, Ohio Man Accused of Attempted Murder

An Ohio man has been charged with kidnapping and attempted murder after a woman said she escaped from a freezer in his home after being drugged at a party.

Eric Glaze, 41, was detained by deputies from the East Cleveland Police Department yesterday after the woman fled from his home in a vehicle shortly before 10 a.m. the same day.

Police responded to the scene after she crashed her car close to East 115th Street and Superior Avenue. They found the woman, who said she fled from a Glenmont Road residence and the last memory she had was attending a party at the home on Sunday night, Fox 8 reported.

The woman, who has not been identified, said she woke in a freezer but had not been restrained. She told deputies she was able to push open the door and flee using her car, which was parked outside the home. She named Glaze as an acquaintance who was at the party.

Police Cpt. Scott Gardner said: "She came over here on her own volition and essentially, she was administered some sort of narcotic, according to her. She's not exactly certain of the events that happened in between but she woke up and she was in a freezer that was running."

"She seems to think that... that they had drugged her to the capacity that [they believed] she was dead, is what she was indicating to us, and they were essentially trying to get rid of her," he added, before stressing: "Again, we are still trying to piece everything together."

After the crash, the woman was taken to MetroHealth Medical Center with injuries including frostbite, local news website Cleveland.com reported. The victim is now in a stable condition. Police said the woman led them to the address where she had attended the party.

Neighbor Aaron Dennis told Fox 8 he witnessed the commotion as police arrived, saying: "I'm talking about police everywhere, and I saw the SWAT dudes come up and kick the door in."

It remains unclear how long the woman had been kept in the freezer but it may have been days, Fox 8 reported. The woman provided detectives with Glaze's address, which authorities believe may be a group home for people with mental health issues. However, it was not registered as such in city records.

The woman is not believed to have been sexually assaulted but detectives said the investigation is ongoing. "We have considerable questions we're still looking at," Gardner said, Cleveland.com reported. Glaze is set to be arraigned on Thursday in the East Cleveland Municipal Court.