Ohio, Indiana Tornadoes: Images After Heavy Rain, Severe Storms Hit Richmond, Solon, Trumbull County

The National Weather Service (NWS) has confirmed a tornado touched down in Richmond, Indiana, and is investigating reports of two other tornadoes in Ohio.

In a public information statement, NWS Wilmington in Ohio confirmed that a tornado occurred at the Richmond Mall in Richmond, Wayne County Indiana at 3.29 p.m. ET yesterday. Further information about the damage is expected today.

The team from Wilmington is also surveying storm damage in Union and Fayette Counties, Indiana, and Preble County, Ohio, with further sightings reported during severe thunderstorms that moved through the area on Saturday.

NWS Cleveland tweeted that there had been several possible touchdowns or tracks from Solon in Cuyahoga County to Trumbull County and Warren, Ohio. An earthquake was also reported in Lake Erie, Ohio, with USGS confirming a recording of 1.5 magnitude.

We will be sending out a storm survey team this morning to look at damage likely caused by a #tornado. Appears to be several possible touchdowns/tracks from SE Cuyahoga County to Trumbull County and the Warren #Ohio area. Thank you for your reports!#OHwx #ThisIsCLE #CLEwx #NWS pic.twitter.com/EUj3kAOReZ

— NWS Cleveland (@NWSCLE) June 17, 2019

Social media users took to the platforms to share images and stories of what they saw on Sunday. Amanda Subler tweeted: "We came right up on it (tornado). Saw debris flying through the air and got out of there as fast as we could. May not have actually touched down but was pretty scary!"

Another user, Michael C Thomas, caught footage of the tornado and the debris in Warren, Ohio. He tweeted: "I saw a tornado and felt an earthquake in the same day."

First photos coming out of a possible tornado in Northeast Ohio this evening. This one was taken in Masury, about 10 miles NE of Youngstown. #OHwx https://t.co/FInLrntrUq

— Medina WeatherCast (@MedinaWxCast) June 16, 2019

Just saw a slow rotating wall cloud that was south of Pomeroy, OH around 15 minutes ago (far right side of pic). It had slower rotation but fast enough to notice it was rotating. The storm had a lot of frequent lightning as well! #ohwx #wvwx @NWSCharlestonWV pic.twitter.com/8Z7aFIB4ZA

— Norman Smith (@Norman_Wx) May 23, 2019

Warren at 4:24 #OHwx pic.twitter.com/GBBVbDGjyR

— Michael Connolly Thomas (@MooseT187) June 16, 2019

#ohwx pic.twitter.com/F1HCAqFVJl

— Michael Connolly Thomas (@MooseT187) June 16, 2019

“Downtown” Warren earlier today. #OHwx pic.twitter.com/shWIxFszeW

— Michael Connolly Thomas (@MooseT187) June 16, 2019

Trees obstructing view and later obstructing road. Northeast #ohwx af pic.twitter.com/daHmjJyL96

— Michael Connolly Thomas (@MooseT187) June 16, 2019


— Michael Connolly Thomas (@MooseT187) June 17, 2019

Tornado just went through here Pettibone and Richmond roads @BetsyKling @wkycweather pic.twitter.com/Rr2lHGAWjT

— Amanda Subler (@AmandaSubler) June 16, 2019

Lots of tree damage, downed power lines and missing shingles, after what appears to be a weak tornado swept through Glenwillow, Ohio around 3:30pm. #OHwx #tornado @NWSCLE @BetsyKling pic.twitter.com/0jBE1axI99

— Daulton Lochran (@dlochranWX) June 16, 2019

Well defined shelf cloud. looking toward area of rotation @JesseWFAA#txwx #wfaaweather pic.twitter.com/N7Ey6xIvuS

— Anthony Baglione WX (@wx_anthony) June 16, 2019

The rising air is somewhat visible in this video. Definitely a strong storm #txwx pic.twitter.com/oQbjqm3Uee

— Anthony Baglione WX (@wx_anthony) June 16, 2019

One thing is for sure, this storm knows how to produce a good shelf cloud! #texas #dallas #dfw #severeweather #tornado pic.twitter.com/FQYJghDSuN

— Anthony Baglione WX (@wx_anthony) June 16, 2019

Ben Gilbert sent this video of a rotating wall cloud earlier this afternoon in North Fort Worth. #dfwwx #txwx #wfaaweather pic.twitter.com/4BCw39QAGe

— Jesse Hawila (@JesseWFAA) June 16, 2019

Lightning off to the south of Wylie, TX#txwx #texas #wxtwitter #severeweather pic.twitter.com/nXMyYtbWUQ

— Anthony Baglione WX (@wx_anthony) June 17, 2019

Yesterday Mother Nature brought us another 2.07" of #rain to bring June's total to 5.59" about 50mph wind.
The Sirens were going off 3 different times, but we had no damage and no torrential rain this time.
North #Dallas #dfwwx #txwx pic.twitter.com/aVXgoaSkBp

— Warren Paul Harris (@WarrenPHarris) June 17, 2019