Ohio High School Principal and 'Award-Winning' Bodybuilder Placed on Leave for Smacking Student in the Face

A high school principal in Ohio has been placed on paid administrative leave after twice smacking a 15-year-old student in the face.

Vyrone Finney, 48, of Akron East High School, also made jokes about the student's mother—before the ensuing fracas required on-site police to separate the two.

The alleged assault took place following a 20-minute quarrel, but what ultimately led Finney to strike the student was a remark from the teenager, calling the principal "a lazy a** b****."

Finney has not been charged with a crime and Akron Public Schools have confirmed they are investigating the incident, placing Finney on leave "as due process evolves."

The principal, an award-winning bodybuilder according to his foundation, has not publicly addressed the incident, local media reported, citing the ongoing investigation, but police reports from the scene quoted Finney saying: "I was not in the mood to be called a b**** today."

Vyrone Finney, right, the principal facing calls to resign after striking a student in the face.

In addition to officers witnessing the latter parts of the episode, police confirmed that school security footage captured the September 19 incident.

It began at roughly 12:40 p.m. when the sophomore got into an argument with his English teacher, who then instructed the student to go to a so-called "buddy room." The student refused and security guards were called, who informed the student he could either go to the buddy room or the principal's office.

The student opted for Finney's office at which point his mother was called to address the incident. A one-period suspension was agreed, however when the student was escorted to the suspension room, an on-duty supervisor was informed by Finney that the teenager would be spending the rest of the day there.

It is then that further arguments started between the student and Finney—with the student stating they had agreed he could return to class the following period. From there, the argument escalated and the student commented as to how tight Finney's suit was.

The principal then laughed and said that he got it from the student's mother, the police report states.

The student then requested to speak to his mother again—this was denied—then with the school counselor—which was denied also—and as the argument escalated further, Finney instructed the student to leave the building or be arrested, as he was now suspended for three days.

Finney was then asked to show the student the adequate paperwork, but Finney then tells him he will be suspended for 10 days if he makes him do paperwork," the police report said.

police outside school
In a related image, police can be seen outside school in Chicago. Getty

It was then that the student directed the expletives at the principal, alleging he was standing up to leave the school when he was struck twice in the face.

Finney reportedly told police officers he thought the student was "coming at him" and admitted to striking the student in the face.

A petition has since been launched demanding Finney's resignation and has been signed by over 130 people.