Mexican Restaurant Owner in Ohio Praised After Being Caught on Camera Helping Elderly, Special Needs Customers Eat

A restaurant owner is being praised after being filmed helping elderly customers with special needs eat.

Ashley White told Newsweek that she spotted the act of kindness during a visit to Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant in Cincinnati, Ohio last week.

She later took to Facebook with a photo of the moment, adding that she saw a server sit down with two elderly customers with special needs to make sure they could enjoy their meal. She said the man put together the customers' fajitas and continued to help them as they ate.

"I promise there are beautiful souls still left in this world! Just open your eyes and look around!" White wrote alongside a picture of the moment.

I promise there are beautiful souls still left in this world! Just open your eyes and look around!Tonight while eating...

Posted by Ashley White on Sunday, February 23, 2020

"Tonight while eating at Los Panchos Mexican Restaurant there were two elderly special needs gentlemen that came in to eat. When their food came out their server sat down with them and helped make sure they could enjoy their meal.

"He put together their fajitas and even sat with them while they ate and kept preparing their meal as they enjoyed their food! It truly was an awesome thing to see!"

White's post attracted more than 400 shares and several people commented that the man in the picture was actually the restaurant's owner.

"He is the owner and yes he is really that awesome," Scott Kunstman wrote.

Angie Tietsort added: "We are in there often and he is a very nice man. Really enjoy seeing him there."

Cindy Purcell Fout said: "My family loves Los Pancho's. The food is great but the owner Gerardo is by far the number one reason we go there. He always greets us and talks with my Dad just like family would. It just makes my dad's day when we go there."

White said she was "amazed" by the response to the post.

"I was honestly truly amazed at how many shared and reacted to the post. It is great to see something so simple as helping another person out get so much love from everyone," she told Newsweek.

She added that she and her family eat at Los Panchos regularly as it's close to her home. "We do stop in there often. The food is great and the servers are amazing," she said.

The post also caught the attention of the restaurant, confirming the server in the picture was the restaurant's owner.

A post on the restaurant's Facebook page last week said the owner, identified only as Gerardo, was "blown away" by the response. "He just wants to say thank you to everyone for the kind words and messages that he has received in response to this post!" it said.

"Although he is not very into the social media stuff, he has been blown away by the response this post has had."

The post added: "As most of you know, he does everything in his power to ensure each and every customer that comes to Los Panchos is happy and satisfied no matter what and we think this pictures really embodies the kind of person that he is!

"Again thank you guys we hope to see y'all soon here at Los Panchos and remember that a little kindness goes a long way!!"

The restaurant has been contacted for additional comment.

This article has been updated with comments from White.

Los Panchos
The owner of a Mexican restaurant was seen helping two elderly customers prepare their meal of fajitas. Ashley White